When you visit the Xiqu Centre, don’t forget to take a look at the beautiful souvenirs in our gift shop and try the delicious Chinese food offered in our restaurants. There’s something for all tastes!


The perfect place for unique gifts, Passage sells a wide range of creative xiqu-related design items, publications and local souvenirs. The Xiqu Centre branch is also the sole retailer of Xiqu Centre merchandise.

Unit No.1, 1/F, Xiqu Centre
(852) 2562 5310

Moon Lok Chinese Restaurant

Moon Lok Chinese Restaurant

Photo courtesy of Moon Lok Chinese Restaurant

Moon Lok Chinese Restaurant blends culture and local cuisine – serving classic Cantonese dishes and seasonal specialities that will delight your eyes and your taste buds.

Unit No.2-4, 1/F, Xiqu Centre
(852) 3622 1449

Go Cakes

Go Cakes

Photo courtesy of Go Cakes

Established by celebrity chef Margaret Xu, Go Cakes offers delicious contemporary Chinese cakes and pastries. All products are handmade daily for freshness, with no preservatives or msg. Eco-friendly gift-giving options available.

Unit No.1, G/F, Xiqu Centre
(852) 2698 9868

LockCha Tea Shop

LockCha Tea Shop

Photo courtesy of LockCha Tea Shop

For 30 years, LockCha Tea Shop has served fine tea, teaware and snacks to customers in Hong Kong. Visit the newly opened Xiqu Centre branch for the best in traditional tea culture.

Unit No.3, LG/F, Xiqu Centre

Other Restaurants Coming Soon

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