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The Melodies of Nanyin

In this talk, members of the arts group The Gong Strikes One illustrate with live demonstrations how the vocal and instrumental melodies of nanyin are created and developed based on the lyrics
16.3.2021|Seminar Hall, Xiqu Centre and live-streaming

Ling Kai

The contemporary music “Ling Kai” (Spirit’s Domain) was created by Professor Richard Tsang in the late 70th century. In 2021, Xiqu Centre has filmed the live performance of “Ling Kai”, produced by Naomi Chung, and performed by the Tea House Rising Stars Troupe

Feature Stories

Interviews and articles about Xiqu Centre programmes, commissions and our work to nurture artists and promote the art of Chinese opera


Tea House Theatre Experience

Presented by our Tea House Rising Stars Troupe, this 90-minute narrated performance is specially designed to introduce new audiences to Chinese traditional theatre
11-27.3.2021|Tea House, Xiqu Centre

Bamboo Theatre

Bamboo Theatre, a documentary that celebrates the long-standing Hong Kong tradition, make a triumphant return to the Xiqu Centre
13-14.3.2021|Seminar Hall, Xiqu Centre

Xiqu Film Screenings (March)

The series comprises five iconic xiqu films, each highlighting a different opera genre and starring an esteemed female xiqu artist. From rare footage of xiqu performers to modern adaptations of period dramas, these screen gems tell women’s stories from ancient China that still resonate today
18-21.3.2021|Seminar Hall, Xiqu Centre

Cantonese Opera Film Screenings

The series features six classic comedies starring iconic on-screen couples, to celebrate the season of Spring
25-28.3.2021|Seminar Hall, Xiqu Centre

Paper Puppet Making Workshop: Pixiu

In this fun creative workshop, make a pixiu paper puppet together, to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to your family
27.2.2021|Studio, Xiqu Centre

Xiqu Centre Guided Tours

Supplemented with multimedia elements, our 60-minute guided tours help you explore the Xiqu Centre facilities and discover fascinating facts about the design of our venue and the culture and stories behind the ancient art of Chinese opera
4-23.3.2021|Xiqu Centre

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