Tea House Theatre Experience

Presented by our Tea House Rising Stars Troupe, this 90-minute narrated performance is specially designed to introduce new audiences to Chinese traditional theatre
9-31.7.2020|Tea House, Xiqu Centre

Lecture-recital: Everlasting Cantonese Music - East meets West in the 1930s and 1940s

Presented by renowned gaohu master Yu Qiwei – Head of Music at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts – this lecture-recital explores a lively form of Cantonese music that flourished in the early 20th century, and includes performances by the Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble
26.7.2020|Tea House Theatre, Xiqu Centre

Music in the Atrium

Presented in the Xiqu Centre Atrium, our free performances of Chinese music by a changing line-up of invited professional troupes showcase a range of styles and traditional instruments
27-28.6.2020|Atrium, Xiqu Centre

Xiqu Centre Guided Tours

Supplemented with multimedia elements, this 60-minute guided tour helps you explore the Xiqu Centre facilities and discover fascinating facts about our new venue, and the culture and stories behind the art of xiqu
21.6-25.7.2020|Xiqu Centre

Paper Puppet Making Workshop: Lion Dance Head

Join our hands-on handicraft workshop and create your own paper puppet lion dance head and learn more about this unique cultural tradition
18.7.2020|Studio, Xiqu Centre

Using Confucian Texts and Ancient Classics in Cantonese Opera

In this series of two talks, writer Woo Kwok-yin discusses the creative process behind his work The Peregrinations of Confucius and explores how Cantonese opera, as a multidisciplinary art form, can breathe new life and relevancy into classic texts
28.7-4.8.2020|Seminar Hall, Xiqu Centre