14 October (Sunday) Programme Rundown


Workshop 1


Workshop 2 and performance by Hyeon Lee

Programme Description
WE Dance invites you to explore traditional Korean dance techniques and learn how the movements can be incorporated into contemporary works.

In two fun workshops, Korean dance artist Hyeon Lee and local dance group The Alan & Becky Dance Group guide you through the basic steps of the traditional Korean dance Ganggangsullae, an ancient traditional folk dance performed by women to celebrate the harvest.

Inscribed onto the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009, Ganggangsullae is a circle dance that incorporates singing, dancing and play.

Free admission. No registration required.

About Hyeon Lee
Hyeon Lee studied at the Korea National University of Arts in Seoul and trained in the traditional Korean dance Salpuri at a young age. She founded the dance company Borzia AT G to explore the contemporary possibilities of Korean traditional dance and actively collaborates with partners in diverse fields, such as architecture, media arts, and music.

About The Alan & Becky Dance Group
The Alan & Becky Dance Group was founded by Alan Yu and Becky Lau in 2006, the mission of the Group is to cultivate dancers’ accomplishments on dancing by providing regular, professional and all-round training. The Group has been invited to Japan, France, Czech Republic, USA, Malaysia, Philippines and various cities in the Mainland China for international dance festivals, competitions, performances and exchange activities. 

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