11 November (Sunday) Programme Rundown


Workshop 1


Workshop 2 and performance by ASK Dance Company

Programme Description
This November, join professional dancers from Malaysia and learn the basic steps of Zapin, a traditional Malay folk dance that originated in Persia.

Introduced to Malaysia by Muslim seafarers and traders in the 15th century, Zapin has flourished and developed different regional variations around the country. In these fun workshops, Kimberly Yap and Imran Syafiq, principal dancers from ASK Dance Company, Malaysia, to guide you through the basic steps of this popular dance.

In the second session of the afternoon, ASK Dance Company will also perform a special adaptation of their new work Eclectic Shift, a contemporary dance inspired by different forms of traditional dance from Malaysia and India – a perfect combination of traditional culture and modern choreography!

Free admission.

About ASK Dance Company
Established in 2011, ASK Dance Company (ADC) champions Malaysian identity in traditional and contemporary dance. Their productions serve as a dialogue for dancers and audiences to “ask” questions and explore issues ranging from disenfranchisement to celebrations of life. With its repertoire rooted in the multicultural plurality of Malaysian life, ADC plays a significant role in blurring boundaries, breaking established social ideologies, and presenting ethnic issues to a national and global platform.

About The Hong Kong Dance Federation
The Hong Kong Dance Federation (HKDF) is a non-profit organisation that promotes the art of dance and dance development in Hong Kong through educational programmes, performances, outreach activities, publications and commissioned events. Awarded the Caring Organisation Logo in recognition of its efforts to promote corporate social responsibilities, HKDF is a member of the International Dance Council and the International Dance Organisation.

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