Dance x Video =

Specially designed for Secondary one to Secondary five students, our Screendance School Programme offers guidance on the practice and theory of screendance as a performance discipline. Through demonstration talks and intensive, hands-on workshops led by professional artists in the field, students explore the synergy generated when dance meets cinematography and how dance on film transcends the boundaries of a physical stage. Creating screendance videos of their own, they learn how to collaborate and express themselves creatively within a team, and experiment with ways of depicting movement and emotion that offer audiences an innovative visual dance experience in this age of instant smart phone videos.

The Screendance School Programme engages students in a hands-on experience of the creative process, helping to stimulate their imagination and nurture their aesthetic sensibilities and art appreciation skills. To allow teachers and facilitators to teach according to their own teaching schedule, a trainer’s manual is also available for download.

Two-hour demonstration talks
Date: January-July 2019 (Dates and times flexible)
Group size: 40 to 180 participants
Language: Cantonese 


Two-day intensive workshops
Date: 24 June–12 July 2019 (Please select preferred day)
Group size: 10 to 15 participants
Language: Cantonese


This programme is open to all Hong Kong secondary schools. Venues to be arranged by participating schools.

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