I.M. Pei (1917 - ) remains one of the most celebrated yet under-theorized architects of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Though Pei’s six-decade career is mostly identified with his unwavering interest in cultural synthesis and the power of pure geometrical form, his work and methods of practice offer additional opportunities for investigating their dynamic intertwinement within multiple, consequential moments in the history of mid- to late twentieth century architecture, and their relationships with broader social, cultural, and geopolitical phenomena.

Rethinking Pei: A Centenary Symposium seeks to reexamine Pei in the context of the architect’s 100th birthday year as two linked conferences organised by M+ with, respectively, the Graduate School of Design (GSD) at Harvard University and the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). Together, the events aim to resituate the architect from the intersecting vantage points of the two regional poles with which he’s most closely linked—Hong Kong/China and Boston/the United States—by bringing together architectural historians and practitioners, among others, to discuss new strands of inquiry concerning Pei and his work.

Rethinking Pei is made possible with a grant from the C Foundation, www.cfoundation.cn.

Free admission. Registration is not required; first come, first served.

12–13 October 2017 (Cambridge, MA); and
14–15 December 2017 (Hong Kong)

The Harvard University Graduate School of Design is dedicated to the education and development of design professionals in architecture, landscape, urban planning, and urban design. With a commitment to excellence that demands the skillful manipulation of form and technology and draws inspiration from a broad range of social, environmental, and cultural issues, the GSD is uniquely positioned to provide leadership for shaping the built environment of the 21st century. For more information about Harvard GSD, please visit gsd.harvard.edu.

The Department of Architecture at The University of Hong Kong, founded in 1950, is one of the preeminent institutions for architectural education in Asia and around the world. The department features an internationally recognized design curriculum in architecture, urbanism, and landscape that prepares students for the environmental, social, and aesthetic challenges of contemporary architectural practice. The department offers an accredited undergraduate program of Bachelor of Architectural Studies and an accredited professional program of Master of Architecture. It also features Postgraduate Research MPhil and PhD degree programs.

Shenzhen Creative Foundation, or C Foundation, was established in Shenzhen in 2014. Its mission is to promote the development of design education, support academic research, and foster communication within the design and cultural community in China, while forging stronger links between design and society at large. Established by interior designers from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, it is the first self-supporting, non-profit foundation of its kind in China.

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