M+ Rover: Travelling Creative Studio is the first major school outreach programme organised by M+. The tailor-made trailer is a pop-up space for exhibitions and workshops that tours to schools and communities in Hong Kong during the academic year from March to July 2016. M+ Rover is like an expedition to a distant planet, prompting students to explore an uncharted creative territory.

We invited artist Kacey Wong to contribute to the design of the M+ Rover. The cool metal exterior mimics that of a spaceship, while its warm interior comprises recycled wood taken from discarded pallets. Wong wants audiences to experience immersion in a cosy nest that resembles the belly of a whale. Wong’s investigation into the spatial relationship between humans and the environment inspired the design of M+ Rover that combines mobility and sustainability, reflecting on humanity’s unbalanced relationship with natural resources in service of rapid urban development.

Each year, M+ will commission two artists— creative practitioners from art, design, architecture, moving image, and other fields of visual culture —to envision a participatory work that includes artist-led school workshops. In 2016, we will collaborate with photographer Siu Wai Hang and artist Tang Kwok Hin. A new resource pack will be produced for each commissioned artist, thereby increasing the number of resources M+ provides to teachers. Download the pack here.

M+ Rover emphasizes creative collaboration between artists, teachers and students. Participating artists will directly engage students as co-producers of their works through art making, role play, games, and discussion. Such modes of creation place more emphasis on the creative process than the resulting work. 

M+ Rover is an evolving exhibition. In the beginning, it will contain an exhibition framework set by the artist, but as it travels from school to school, students will contribute to and participate in the exhibition production, creating an ever-changing and transforming show which will be on display at schools and communities across Hong Kong. In addition to collaborating with artists, participating students will also visit community spaces with M+ Rover to initiate a dialogue with the public.

Community sessions 

School sessions

March to July 2016

Target Participants:
Secondary students and public

Participating secondary schools and different communities in Hong Kong 

Cantonese or English
Free of charge
Part 1: In-school Activities
(i) M+ Rover exhibition  (for teachers and students)
(ii) Artist-led activities (around 25 F.4 to F.6 students; duration, approximately 2.5 hours)

Part 2: Community Activities
(i) Artist-led community activities (participating F.4 to F.6 students and the public; duration, approximately 3 hours) 

M+ Rover 2016 - After Movie

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