Chinese Opera Festival 2019 programme: Jointly presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District.

Between June and August 2019, in a joint presentation with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Xiqu Centre hosts part of the programme for the 2019 Chinese Opera Festival.

Since the inception of the annual Chinese Opera Festival in 2010, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department has brought high quality performances of regional xiqu genres to the stage, along with a broad programme of lectures, talks, film screenings and exhibitions. We are delighted to be part of this significant event in its 10th anniversary year.

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Programme Details

Programme Date Venue Tickets
Peking Opera Masters North and South: China National Peking Opera Company and Shanghai Jingju Theatre Company 13–15, 17–19 June 2019 (Thursday–Saturday, Monday–Wednesday) Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre $480, $380, $280, $180
Guangdong Quadrangle – Four Folk Music Types in Concert 4–7 July 2019 (Thursday–Sunday) Tea House Theatre, Xiqu Centre $430, $330
Jiangsu Kunqu Opera Theatre 19–21 July 2019 (Friday–Sunday) Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre $480, $380, $280, $180
The Fragrance of Chrysanthemums and Orchids - A Close Encounter of Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera: Jingkun Theatre and Shandong Peking Opera Theatre 2 – 4 August 2019 (Friday – Sunday) Tea House Theatre, Xiqu Centre $430, $330


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