Hong Kong Cantonese opera has been responding to the challenges of Euro-American modernity for almost a century, employing different aesthetic and pragmatic tactics in order to survive and remain relevant.

In this talk, Prof Li Siu-leung looks at Cantonese opera in the social context of modern Hong Kong as another change on the periphery of China in global power politics, from the 1920s and 1930s to the present, and examines how elements of Western modern music, theatre, film and other cultural elements have been negotiated and adapted for use in this traditional performing art form. Referencing the larger context of xiqu (Chinese opera) modernisation in mainland China and Taiwan, he discusses the work of the Hong Kong Taiping Theater Troupe in the 1930s and 1940s, the syncretic aesthetics of mainstream post-WWII Hong Kong Cantonese opera, and the small-scale cross-genre experimentations of emerging performing artists today.


9 January 2021 (Saturday)


The talk will be conducted through YouTube. Registered participants will receive a streaming link with their confirmation email.

Prof Li Siu-leung

Free admission. Please register online in advance.

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Adverse Weather Arrangements:
If a black rainstorm warning or a typhoon signal no. 8 or above is in force three hours before the start of the event, the event will be rescheduled or cancelled.

About the Speaker:

Prof Li Siu-leung

Prof Li Siu-leungCurrently Adjunct Professor at Lingnan University and Research Fellow of its Centre for Cultural Research and Development, Prof Li Siu-leung was previously Head of Lingnan’s Cultural Studies, Adjunct Professor in the Music Department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has published on Chinese opera and transgender, Hong Kong film and popular culture, as well as comparative literary studies. Prof Li has also served on various advisory committees of the HAB, LCSD, and professional performing arts organisations.

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