King Fa-luiNg Lap-heiTo Wing-sumJanet WongParis WongXie Xiaoyu

King Fa-lui

King Fa-lui first performed with her mother in Singapore when she was five years old, and has been performing Cantonese opera professionally since the age of twelve. In recent years, she has studied foundation training, body gestures and acrobatics with Wang Huiling and Chan Yuen-sum, and singing techniques with musicians Tsang Kin-man and Chou Chi-kai. In 2012, she was selected to perform at the Cantonese Opera Young Talent Showcase, and in 2014 she performed in the Rising Stars in Cantonese Opera Showcase organised by the West Kowloon Cultural District.

Ng Lap-hei

Ng Lap-hei graduated from The Cantonese Opera Academy of Hong Kong and he is an actor in the Cantonese Opera Young Talent Showcase at the Yau Ma Tei Theatre. Ng studied under Wong Yee-man, Yeung Ming, Zhou Zhenbang, Guan Shizhen, He Jiayao and Tsai Win-wei. He was the champion of the Lim Por Yen Trophy Cantonese Opera Excerpt Division and the Hong Kong Youth Cultural and Arts Competition in 2011. His recent performances include The Eight Mallets, The Battle of Changban Po and Lo Faa Dong.

To Wing-sum

To Wing-sum is a professional Cantonese opera Actor specialising in male roles. Performing since the age of four, she learned her art from her master Lee Lung. She has also studied under Cai Zhengren and Guan Shizhen. Besides performing, To has worked as composer, lighting designer and stage manager for a number of professional productions.

Janet Wong

Janet Wong graduated in 2005 from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Advanced Certificate Programme (Cantonese Opera), where she specialised in dan (female) roles and studied under musician Ng Lut-kwong. Since then she has performed with various Cantonese opera troupes, including the Cantonese Opera Theatre, and also formed her own troupe. In 2011, Wong became a resident Actor in the Hong Kong Young Talent Cantonese Opera Troupe. In 2014, she won the Outstanding Performance Award at the Rising Stars in Cantonese Opera Showcase organised by the West Kowloon Cultural District, as well as the Award for Young Artist (Xiqu) presented by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Paris Wong

Paris Wong graduated from the School of Chinese Opera at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Opera. Performing mainly in the dan role, Wong represented Hong Kong at the first Hou Baolin Cup China National Youth and Teenage Qu Yi Competition Singing Contest, where he was recognised with The Judge’s Special Award. Paris works as a producer for Cantonese opera, and in 2007 founded the Pine Moon Cantonese Cultural Arts Centre to promote Cantonese opera education. He also hosts and performs in Cantonese opera music programmes.

Xie Xiaoyu

Xie Xiaoyu graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a bachelor’s degree in Chinese opera. A specialist in the dan role, Xie joined the Azure Seas Chinese Traditional Theatre in 2017. She is an experienced performer and is currently reading for a Master of Arts in the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.