M+ Screenings Online: Cinema, Disrupted is a two-part programme examining the socioeconomic and political conditions that shaped film culture during periods of tremendous transformation around the world—times roiled by clashing ideologies, changing regimes, and social upheavals. Reconsidering the significance of historic moving image works, filmmakers, exhibitors, and audiences from a contemporary perspective, Part One: Disrupted Views explores the challenges of filmmaking and cinema-going in the 1970s and 1980s. Part Two: Interrupted Legacies examines the creative potential of moving image works and reflects on how the legacies of filmmakers have been influenced by the circumstances of their time.

Part One: Disrupted Views: audiences in Hong Kong can screen the films on-demand on 11–21 March 2021. A series of talks explores themes and ideas related to the films.

Part Two: Interrupted Legacies: films and talks will be available on 6–16 May 2021. More details coming soon.


Part One: Disrupted Views
Beijing Spring Event has passed
Talking About Trees Event has passed
What We Left Unfinished Event has passed


Part One: Disrupted Views
Art for the Sake of Self-Expression: Beijing Spring and the Stars Group 13 March 2021 (Saturday) Event has passed
Revisiting the Lost Era of Film in Afghanistan 16 March 2021 (Tuesday) Event has passed
Envisioning a New Future for Film Viewing 18 March 2021 (Thursday) Event has passed

Full Programme Date:
11 March–16 May 2021

  • Part One: Disrupted Views (11–21 March 2021)
  • Part Two: Interrupted Legacies (6–16 May 2021)

All events are free.
Talks are available to audiences worldwide, however, screenings are only available to audiences in Hong Kong. Registration is limited on a first-come, first-served basis and required for all events.


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