Due to the coronavirus outbreak, M+ Rover has to temporarily suspend its tours to local schools and community spaces. To prepare teachers, students, and the public for the  programme, M+ is working with Wong Tin Yan, the commissioned artist for this year’s M+ Rover, to develop a series of free online learning activities and educational resources based on his work Yes but Why?.

M+ Rover online sessions are composed of three parts: 
(i) Workshop for students
(ii) Artist and curator in conversation
(iii) Artist’s call for ideas

(i) Workshop for students
- Eight to ten students in P.4 to P.6         - A forty-minute session

Led by the participating artist or cultural practitioners from various fields, the online activities include interactive sound games, which make players more aware of the sounds around them. Through exploring the use of daily objects and experiencing the process of collective creation, students are encouraged to challenge perceptions and develop creative responses to the current pandemic situation. Click here to view highlights of the activities.

Download the application form here. Email the completed form to M+ with the subject line ‘M+ Rover 2020–21 – Workshop for students’. Please contact us if you do not receive an email acknowledgement within five working days of sending the application.

Participating schools will receive a teacher’s resource pack and a set of online learning materials that accompany the programme. Designed to help teachers develop their lesson plans for online teaching, the toolkit provides information on extended themes, suggested activities, and discussion topics in relation to Wong Tin Yan’s work Yes but Why?.



(ii) Artist and curator in conversation

Date: 15 June 2020 (Monday)

Time: 6:30pm

Speakers: Wong Tin Yan, participating artist of M+ Rover 2020–21, and Stella Fong, Lead Curator, Learning and Interpretation, M+

Language: Cantonese

In this conversation, Stella Fong, Lead Curator, Learning and Interpretation, M+, invites artist Wong Tin Yan to discuss his work Yes but Why? and his reflections on issues related to art, education, city development, and his personal experiences during the process of creation. Teachers may use the video in their lessons to help students learn about the thematic exhibition and the creative journey of the artist.


(iii) Artist’s call for ideas

During the pandemic, Wong Tin Yan poses a series of questions to himself that reflect on the relevance of art to life. ‘Why do we need art? What is its function?’ He responds to these questions by creating works with his own hands. In showing these works in videos, Wong encourages teachers, students, and the public to share their creative thoughts on Facebook and Instagram through the tag #YesButWhyChallenge. These ideas will be displayed around the exhibition space of M+ Rover during its tours across schools and communities in Hong Kong.

Artist’s call for ideas #1 

Artist’s call for ideas #2  

Special thanks to Yan Chai Hospital Choi Hin To Primary School, LKWFS Lau Tak Yung Memorial Primary School, and T.W.G.Hs. H.K. and KLN. Electrical Appliances Merchants Association Ltd. School for collaborating with artist Wong Tin Yan on the trial sessions of the online activities.