‘Why do we need to question?’ Artist Wong Tin Yan believes that questioning is an important tool for learning and Yes but Why? is his effort to create an environment that motivates students to stay curious and think unconventionally.

M+ Rover tours to primary schools across Hong Kong, offering students an alternative space on campus to acquire knowledge and express their thoughts. In this latest edition, Wong invites students, teachers, and visitors to write down questions and post them on the walls of the exhibition space. In documenting these intuitive ideas and responses, the artist transforms M+ Rover into a site of inquiry.

To broaden students’ creative horizons, Wong invites collaborators from various fields, including soundpocketOrient Occident Atelier, and Deep Food to join in this adventure of questioning. Drawing inspiration from the work of these collaborators and students, Wong poses a series of questions that help students liberate themselves from habitual ways of thinking. These interactions engage artists, collaborators, teachers, and students in creative dialogue that provokes fresh thinking and inquiry. In this ongoing process of learning, they come to view the world through a different lens, continuing on their journey of questioning with renewed perspectives.

Established in 2008, soundpocket works to support, promote, educate, gather and archive in the field of sound, art and the culture of listening. It facilitates a cross-disciplinary approach to programming and education in partnership with arts practitioners, corporations and diverse social groups. The team’s soundscape initiative, The Library by soundpocket, was devised as an on-going collection of sound recordings to enable like-minded individuals to share and explore the potential for creative collaborations.

Orient Occident Atelier
Orient Occident Atelier (OOA) is an architectural studio based in Hong Kong, which actively explores and experiments with different architectural designs. Incorporating modern interpretations of Eastern and Western aesthetics into its concepts, OOA seeks to integrate the natural with the functional in its works. The studio looks into the connection between materials, structures, and their surrounding spaces, opening up new possibilities for designs. In 2018, OOA received the Architizer A+ Award for its design of The Adventurous Global School, a charitable initiative in Battambang, Cambodia. In the following year, the design was recognised by Build magazine’s 2019 Design and Build Awards as the ‘Most Outstanding in Contemporary Architecture’ and won the Good Design Award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

Deep Food
Deep Food was founded in 2018 by Hong Kong designers Cindy Chan and Heinrik Ng, who seek to create unconventional eating experiences to stimulate thoughts and discussions on the connections between food and the world. They continue to explore and innovate, and their designs reflect different living cultures and philosophical views. Their recent projects include ‘The School of Baos’, in which Chan and Ng set up a food stall at the School of Everyday Life, inviting visitors to design their dishes with Chinese steamed buns of different shapes, colours, and flavours. The activities were designed to encourage people to reflect on the idea of ‘good food’.