Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe

The Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe was established in 1978. The first director was the Kunqu maestro Yu Zhenfi and the present director is Gu Haohao. The troupe’s mission is to safeguard and transmit the art of Kunqu. Current troupe members include a number of accomplished artists, many of whom have won the Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Theatre. In 1986 the troupe was recognised with the Number One Award in Reviving Kunqu Opera by the Ministry of Culture. The troupe is recognised as a “first-class troupe”.

Since its establishment, the troupe has re-enacted about 300 traditional excerpts and 70 full-length plays, as well as creating original new productions. The troupe’s work has been recognised with a number of awards, including the National Theatre Arts Best Production Award, the Wenhua Award, the Chinese Theatre Award and the Chinese Kunqu Opera Arts Festival Outstanding Production Award. The troupe has toured Asia, the USA and Europe to wide critical acclaim.