Playwright|Yu XiaTing
Director|Ni Guangjin
Cast|Wu Shuang, Shen Yili, Sun Jinghua
Composer|Sun Jianan (Special guest)
Percussion Ensemble Designer|Wang Mingqiang (Special guest)
Costume Designer|Fu Fenglong
Drums|Li Qi
Dizi|Zhang Siwei


Wu Shuang as Wang Sheng

Wu Shuang is a National Class One Performer specialising in jing roles (painted face). He trained under the renowned Kunqu artists Fang Yang, Zhong Weide and Wang Qu and received coaching from Shang Changrong. His repertoire includes the classic Kunqu excerpts One Who Carries the Sword, The Ghost King Marries Off His Sister, Mountain Gate and Hua Pan. He has also played various roles in Ban Zhao, Sima Xiangru, The Peony Pavilion, Xi Shi, The Palace of Eternal Life, Ringing the Palace Bell and Chuan Shang Yin. His awards include the 1st National Kunqu Young Performers Exchange Performance New Budding Orchids Award, the Kunqu Art Promotion Award at the National Contest of Outstanding Young Performers in Kunqu Opera, the Red Plum Gold Award at the 1st National Theatre Singing Contest, the 13th Shanghai Magnolia Award for Supporting Role, the Top Ten Performer of National Kunqu Opera Young Performers, the 12th edition of the Wenhua Performance Award, the 27th edition of Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Theatre, the 26th Shanghai Magnolia Award for Lead Role and the Shanghai Cultural Artist Honorary Award. Wu is currently the director of the Research and Development department of the Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe.

Shen Yili as Qianniang

Shen Yili is a National Class One Performer specialised in guimendan roles (high born, unmarried female). A protégé of Wang Yingzhi, Shen also received coaching from Kunqu artists such as Zhang Jingxian, Zhang Xunpeng, Hua Wenyi, Zhang Jiqing, Liang Guyin, Shen Shihua Wang Fengmei and Wang Zhiquan. Her repertoire includes the Kunqu classics The Peony Pavilion, The Palace of Eternal Life, A Pair of Purple Hairpins, The Story of the Jade Hairpin, Over the Wall on Horseback, Winning the Most Famous Beauty and The Story of Horse Selling, as well as the contemporary experimental Kunqu operas Mourning and The Chair. Shen is the winner of a number of awards, including the 28th Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Theatre, the First China Kunqu Opera Arts Festival Performance Award, the 11th Shanghai Magnolia Award for Leading Role, the 4th edition of Shanghai Cultural New Performer, the Shanghai “Star of Eastern Opera” and the March 8 Red Flag Bearer of Shanghai city. In recent years, Shen has given numerous talks in China and overseas.

Sun Jinghua as Zhaorong

Sun Jinghua is a National Class Two Performer specialising in chou roles (comic characters). He graduated from the third Kunqu Opera Performing class at the Shanghai Theatre Academy. He first trained under Wang Shijie and Tu Yongheng, and later received coaching from Liu Yilong, Zhang Mingrong, Cheng Zhixiong and Wang Shiyao. His repertoire includes An Investigation in Disguise, Borrowing the Boots, You Jie, Hu Village, Teaching the Begging Tricks, Discussing the Sword, Drafting the Complaint, Yu Qian and First Encounter and the Conquest. He won the 1st National Kunqu Young Performers Exchange Performance New Budding Orchids Award.