• The Musicality of Kunqu The Musicality of Kunqu West Kowloon 101

    The Musicality of Kunqu

    25.05.2019, Seminar Hall & Studio, Xiqu Centre

    In this talk, Dr Chan Chun-miu offers audiences insight into the distinctive sounds and melodies of the Kunqu art form, exploring the relationship between the use of dialects and the evolution of the art form, and the way that music and language is used to highlight different roles and characters

  • Reading Cantonese Music Notation

    28.05.2019, Seminar Hall & Studio, Xiqu Centre

    In this talk, members of the arts group The Gong Strikes One demonstrate how to read traditional gongche music sheets and perform live on the zheng (Chinese zither) and dongxiao (bamboo flute)

  • ExecLab: Executive Short Courses 2019 – University of the Arts London

    31.05.2019 to 02.06.2019, Studio, Xiqu Centre

    Presented in collaboration with the University of the Arts London Short Courses, this three-day professional course offers insight into the skills required for managing arts and cultural events and developing sustainable creative business

  • The Music of Cantonese Opera The Music of Cantonese Opera West Kowloon 101

    The Music of Cantonese Opera

    01.06.2019, Seminar Hall & Studio, Xiqu Centre

    In this talk, Professor Yu Siu-wah examines the concepts and characteristics of Cantonese opera music, offers insight into basic structures and arrangements, and discusses some of the transformations that have taken place over the centuries

  • The Face Painting and Costumes of Cantonese Opera

    04.06.2019, Seminar Hall & Studio, Xiqu Centre

    This talk looks at the face painting and dressing processes used in contemporary Cantonese opera, and at the ways in which costumes contribute to the portrayal of different characters

  • Choreographic Landscapes

    07.06.2019 to 12.06.2019, The Room, Freespace

    In this five-day professional workshop, French choreographer Christian Rizzo invites participants to explore choreographic languages and compositions, and the relationship between movement, performance and space. Before the workshop, Rizzo also leads a public discussion on his work and the importance of emptiness as a space for imagination

  • From a True Story – Christian Rizzo

    14.06.2019 to 15.06.2019, The Box, Freespace

    Hong Kong debut of French choreographer Christian Rizzo’s acclaimed dance work, From a True Story incorporates eight male dancers and two live drummers to blend folkloric gesture and formal contemporary movement with repetitive, earthy, tribal rhythms, creating a work that strikes at the core of human experience

  • A Dream Like a Dream

    28.07.2019 to 25.08.2019, The Box, Freespace

    A Dream Like a Dream is one of the most talked about Chinese-language theatrical innovations. Conceived by acclaimed theatre director Stan Lai in 2002, the play creates a dreamlike experience with a four-sided stage, revolving seating design and an eight-hour performance duration