• Princess Chang Ping

    03.12.2019 to 14.12.2019, Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

    This Cantonese opera performance is presented by JV Entertainment Productions Ltd

  • Sigg Prize 2019 exhibition

    07.12.2019 to 13.04.2020, M+ Pavilion, Art Park

    Six shortlisted artists selected by an international jury of the inaugural Sigg Prize, present a range of mediums, including sculpture, site-specific installation, video and performance. The work featured in this exhibition address pressing questions that resonate across contexts

  • Freespace Little Stage Managers

    14.12.2019 to 22.12.2019, Freespace, West Kowloon

    This interactive role-play workshop introduces children to the behind-the-scenes world of performing arts production at Freespace. Acting as mini assistant stage managers, participants explore the Freespace venue and learn fun facts about performing arts

  • Hong Kong Young Talent Cantonese Opera & Operatic Singing Gala

    20.12.2019, Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

    The gala celebrates the achievements of the local Cantonese opera young talents who were the winners of the Interschool Cantonese Operatic Singing Competition during the past two decades

  • Zentangle Drawing Workshop

    21.12.2019, Studio, Xiqu Centre

    Learn the basic techniques of this popular meditative drawing technique and create your own set of unique postcards in our Zentangle workshop

  • Beyond Words

    21.12.2019 to 22.12.2019, The Room, Freespace

    Take centre stage in a communicative art experience that brings together hearing and hearing-impaired participants and encourages new perspectives on inclusivity. A participatory art experience created by local interdisciplinary artist Kingsley Ng and graduate students of the Hong Kong Baptist University

  • Company Wayne McGregor – Autobiography

    10.01.2020 to 12.01.2020, The Box, Freespace

    Inspired by the sequencing of McGregor’s own genome, Autobiography is performed by 10 dancers to a genre-defying soundscape by electronic musician Jlin and offers a mesmerising reflection on the fractured, multilayered nature of our lives and personal stories. Asian premiere

  • The Legend of Mulan

    10.01.2020 to 12.01.2020, Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

    Fung Cheung Hung Troupe’s production of the familiar classic The Legend of Mulan blends traditional Confucian concepts with contemporary dramatic elements. Opening with a war between good and evil that is resolved by Mulan’s love for her country, the story conveys an important message of world peace

  • Hong Kong Cool: Ballet x Fashion

    06.02.2020 to 08.02.2020, The Box, Freespace

    Four choreographers work with four emerging fashion designers in premiere performances that celebrate the creative and inspirational legacy sparked when Coco Chanel collaborated with Diaghilev and the Ballet Russe almost a century ago

  • Ballet Classics for Children: The Sleeping Beauty

    08.02.2020 to 09.02.2020, The Box, Freespace

    Masterminded by Yuri Ng and narrated by Rick Lau, this hugely popular abridged classic enchants children with its innovative blend of storytelling, dance and audience interaction. A wonderful introduction to a live ballet performance for children as young as three years old

  • ArenA

    16.03.2020 to 18.03.2020, Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

    Tong60+1 series: ArenA, Floral Princess, His Butterflies

  • Floral Princess

    20.03.2020 to 05.04.2020, Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

    Tong60+1 series: Floral Princess, His Butterflies, ArenA

  • His Butterflies

    21.03.2020 to 30.03.2020, Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

    Tong60+1 series: His Butterflies, Floral Princess, ArenA

  • ON VIEW: Panorama

    09.04.2020 to 19.04.2020, The Box & The Room, Freespace

    Sydney-based choreographer, filmmaker and artist Sue Healey partners with performers from Hong Kong, Japan and Australia to present a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural production combining live dance performances, film installations and exhibitions. Joining the project from Hong Kong are dance artists Mui Cheuk-yin and Joseph Lee, and cinematographer Maurice Lai