• What is Stage: Space as Poetry

    01.07.2019 to 27.09.2019, The Box & The Room, Freespace

    This September, renowned German stage and costume designer Anna Viebrock joins us for a public seminar and five-day artist workshop on how stage design goes beyond space. In preparation for the workshop, Edward Lam introduces Viebrock’s work with a public talk and series of professional screenings exploring the aesthetics of some of her most important opera and stage productions

  • Memorial Concert Commemorating Wong Yuet-sang, Maestro of Cantonese Music Culture

    19.09.2019, Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

    To mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Wong Yuet-sang, maestro of Cantonese music culture in Hong Kong, the Xiqu Centre and the Centre for Chinese Music Studies of the CUHK present a memorial concert showcasing a selection of Wong’s compositions and a series of talks

  • ON VIEW: Panorama

    09.04.2020 to 19.04.2020, The Box & The Room, Freespace

    Sydney-based choreographer, filmmaker and artist Sue Healey partners with performers from Hong Kong, Japan and Australia to present a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural production combining live dance performances, film installations and exhibitions. Joining the project from Hong Kong are dance artists Mui Cheuk-yin and Joseph Lee, and cinematographer Maurice Lai