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Chou Shu-yi

©Chou Shu-yi

Born in Taiwan, Chou started his dance training at the age of 10, and began his artistic career as an independent choreography in his 20s. Through dance, he re-examines his own life, connecting dance and body with environment and society. He has performed his choreography or taken part in artist residencies at Fall for Dance Festival in New York, Internationale Tanzmesse in Germany, Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London, and Festival d’Avignon OFF and Le Collectif Essonne Danse in France. He has also created commissions for Hong Kong Arts Festival and Taiwan National Theater and Concert Hall. He co-founded Horse Dance Company in 2004 and established Shu-Yi & Dancers in 2011 to explore further connections between art and society. In recent years, Chou’s work has focused on exploring the vocabulary of Asian bodies.


Qiao Yang

©Jefu Ha Studio

CCDC Resident Artist Qiao Yang joined the company in 1996, and made her full-length solo debut in Almost 55 in 2019.

Born in Shaanxi, Qiao Yang started learning Chinese dance at the age of 12. She received the Gold Award in the Modern Dance Duet Class at the Paris International Dance Competition in 1990 and became a founding member of Guangdong Modern Dance Company in 1992, where she performed extensively in major international arts festivals, including in the US, India, France, Hong Kong and Singapore. She joined CCDC in 1996. She received the Hong Kong Dance Awards and was listed in the “Hong Kong Dance Hall of Fame” in 2003. Qiao was recognised with the 2011 Hong Kong Dance Awards “Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer” for her performance in Tales of Two CitiesHong Kong, Shanghai, Eileen Chang, and received a nomination for the same prize at the 2016 Hong Kong Dance Awards for Soledad.

Costume Consultant

Lin Ching-ju

© Chen Chang-chih

Renowned senior costume designer in Taiwan, Lin Ching-ju has worked in theatre for more than thirty years and was the first theatre costume designer to receive the 10th National Cultural and Arts Award (2006). In 1992, with sponsorship from the Fulbright Scholarship and Cultural and Arts Foundation, Lin studied and travelled in New York, where she worked in the costume department of New York City Ballet and on New York City Opera’s 50th anniversary production. During her career she has worked on over three hundred productions ranging from modern theatre, traditional theatre, opera, dance theatre, puppet theatre, children’s theatre, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Recently she has devoted her time to training emerging theatre technicians and sharing her art and theatre experience.

Set and Lighting Design

Lee Chi-wai


Set and lighting designer Lee Chi-wai is a former member of City Contemporary Dance Company’s technical team. His design works include NeverNeverLand by Ong Yong Lock x Chou Shu-Yi; ON VIEW: HONG KONG – Freespace at Taikoo Place, by West Kowloon and Sue Healey; PROJECT AFTER 6: Cube Culture presented by Taikoo Place and Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation; Galatea X by Justyne Li and Wong Tan-ki (Neo Dance HK); Dan’s Exhibitionist (2011) by Daniel Yeung; Dancing Blue by Mui Cheuk-yin and Lee Chun-chow; 10 Nights Wanderings by Ong Yong Lock (Unlock Dancing Plaza); Upon Calligraphy by Sang Jijia (Guangdong Modern Dance Company); SoLow by Lai Tak-wai; and After the Deluge by media artist Kingsley Ng. Lee was a recipient of the City Contemporary Dance Laureate (2016).

Video Design

Maurice Lai

© Maurice Lai

A graduate of the School of Film & TV at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Maurice Lai is currently Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors and Coordinator (Technical Support) of Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Unlock Dancing Plaza and Theatre Panel of the Programme and Development Committee, LCSD. He has worked in documentary video shooting for movie and stage performance, video design and promo production since 1996.

Lai received the Hong Kong Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Video and Photography for Dance (2015) and Outstanding Visual Design (2018) with Sue Healey from Hong Kong Dance Alliance. In 2017 he received the City Contemporary Dance Laureate. Lai’s video design work includes city:zen by Shobana Jeyasingh and Mui Cheuk-yin (New Vision Arts Festival 2006); No End by Helen Lai; Waiting Heart by Yang Yuntao (Hong Kong Dance Company); Tempest by Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop; and ON VIEW: HONG KONG by West Kowloon and Sue Healey.

Music Composition and Sound Design

Steve Hui

© Bobby Shum

Steve Hui is a Hong Kong-based multidisciplinary artist whose practice mines the boundaries between contemporary music, sound art, multimedia theatre and underground subcultures. Hui’s music has been presented at the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Shenzhen), New Vision Arts Festival and Microwave International New Media Arts Festival. He has received numerous commissions, from Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Zuni Icosahedron, CCDC and Unlock Dancing Plaza.

Hui is the founder and artistic director of the experimental music group Decade Ensemble, and holds a master’s degree in composition and electronic music from HKAPA, where he is currently a part-time lecturer. In 2017 he was an Asian Cultural Council fellow in New York. Recent works include the digital opera The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci (2010); The Four Infinities for the opening of Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre (2011); and a live soundtrack for the 1950s film Family, Spring, Autumn with Kung Chi-shing. He was also the music director for the cinematic opera 1984 (2014) and the documentary opera Songs of Portrait (2018) with Cheuk Cheung. Collaborative works include Zurich x HK Mirror Factory and experimental Naamyam in A Wanderer's Autumn Anthology. Hui is also active in the local and international underground scene, performing and djing at CTM Vorspiel (Berlin), LUFF (Lausanne), as well as numerous DIY outdoor parties.