FortuneThree Battles to Secure Peace for NationRomance of the Western ChamberThe Lion’s RoarThe Impartial and Incorruptible Judge BaoLady Racketeer


25 March 2021 (Thursday) 7:30pm

FortuneDirector: Luk Bong
Script: Chan Wan
Production: Lung Mun Film Company
Cast: Law Kim-long, Tang Bik-wan, Leung Sing-po, Wong Sun-nam, Ng Dan-fung, Cheng Kwan-min
Cantonese opera|1960|B&W|84min|Digital|Lyrics with Chinese subtitles

Handsome young scholar Wen falls in love with Zhang Yunniang on a chance encounter, and disguises himself in drag to see her at her home. However, Yunniang’s younger sister Meiniang – who has just turned down the proposal of local rich boy Pan – sees through Wen’s cross-dressing, develops a crush on him and forces her parents to marry her to him. On their wedding day, the reluctant broom hatches a scheme with his true love, Yunniang, and tricks Meiniang into spending the night with Pan. As the morning comes, confusion, hilarity and an epic trial ensue.

Three Battles to Secure Peace for Nation

26 March 2021 (Friday) 7:30pm

Three Battles to Secure Peace for NationDirector / Script: Wong Hok-Sing
Production: Shun Yee Film Co.
Cast: Mak Bing-wing, Fung Wong-Nui, Lam Kar-sing, Chan Ho-Kau, Poon Yat-on, Siu San-kuen
Cantonese opera|1961|Colour|95min|Digital|No subtitles

Feng Xiaoming gets a job as a handyman at the Prime Minister’s residence. On his way to start the new job, he ingests an elixir by accident and is magically given superhuman strength. Huizhen, the Prime Minister’s daughter, falls in love with Feng, and—when met with her father’s objection—cuts ties with her family to marry the humble handyman. With her encouragement, Feng answers the Emperor’s call to enlist and proves himself a formidable warrior. After rescuing the Emperor in battle, Feng returns home a decorated war hero and reunites with his beloved wife.

Romance of the Western Chamber

27 March 2021 (Saturday) 3:30pm

Romance of the Western ChamberDirector: Ng Wui
Original play: Wang Shifu
Script: Chan Wan
Production: Union Film Enterprise
Cast: Hung Sin-nui, Cheung Wood-yau, Mui Yee, Siu San-kuen, Ma Siu-ying, Yuen Siu-fai
Cantonese opera|1956|B&W|118min|Digital|Lyrics with Chinese subtitles

Adapted from the eponymous Yuan-dynasty play, the film tells the story of young scholar Cheung Kwan-shui, who falls in love with Choi Ying-ying, the daughter of a prominent minister. When Cheung successfully prevents Ying-ying from being kidnapped by a rebel army general, Madam Choi initially agrees to let him marry her daughter, before swiftly changing her mind, citing class differences. Sympathetic to the star-crossed lovers, Ying-ying’s chambermaid Hung-neung convinces Madam Choi to approve their union, but with one condition: Cheung must first make a name for himself.

The Lion's Roar

27 March 2021 (Saturday) 7:30pm

The Lion's RoarDirector / Script: Chiang Wai-kwong
Librettist: Tong Tik-sang
Production: Tao Yuen Motion Picture
Cast: Yam Kim-fai, Pak Suet-sin, Leung Sing-po, Poon Yat-on, Tam Sin-hung
Cantonese opera|1959|B&W|106min|Digital|Lyrics with Chinese subtitles

After notorious bachelor Su Dongpo takes his friend Chen Jichang on an outing to flirt with courtesans, Chen is sent into the doghouse by his angry wife Liu Yu’e and even suffers corporal punishment. Upset about his friend’s ‘mistreatment’, Su complains about the incident to the Emperor and instigates Chen to take his cousin Qincao as concubine. An infuriated Liu canes her husband upon finding out about his betrayal, and an outraged Su gets help from the Emperor, who threatens Liu with two options—Chen gets to have his concubine, or she has to die by poison. Unfazed by the coercion, Liu takes the poison, but luckily, the Empress has been secretly on her side.

The Impartial and Incorruptible Judge Bao

28 March 2021 (Sunday) 11:30am

The Impartial and Incorruptible Judge BaoDirector: Ling Yun
Script: Fung Yat-wai
Production: Gam Aau Pictures
Cast: Lam Ka-sing, Ng Kwun-lai, Leung Sing-po, Lan Chi-pak
Cantonese opera|1967| B&W|86min|Digital|Lyrics with Chinese subtitles

In an evil plot to steal businessman Li’s fortune, pottery maker Ding and his wife murder Li, burn his body and make a black clay pot with his ashes. To get rid of the last piece of evidence, the couple gifts the pot to poor scholar Chen Qing. In the middle of the night, the spirit of Li appears to Chen, asking the scholar to avenge him by taking the pot to Judge Bao. Revered for his keen observation and impartiality, Bao takes the case; however, Li’s spirit doesn’t show. Thanks to Chen’s resourceful wife Lei, they finally get the spirit to emerge from the pot to tell his story, and Bao serves justice by executing the murderous Dings.

Lady Racketeer

28 March 2021 (Sunday) 3:30pm

Lady RacketeerDirector: Chu Kea
Script: Lo Yu-kei
Production: Shui Wan Film Co.
Cast: Chan Kam-tong, Sun Ma Si-tsang, Tang Bik-wan, Poon Yat-on, Lan Chi-pak, Auyeung Kim, Lee Hong-kum
Cantonese opera|1960|B&W|97min|Digital|Lyrics with Chinese subtitles

During the Three Kingdoms period, China was divided into three warring states: Wei, Shu and Wu. In an attempt to capture Liu Bei, the ruler of Shu, Wu military general Zhou Yu plots a ‘beauty ruse’ by offering Wu’s Princess Shangxiang as bait. However, his clever plan falls apart when the princess and Liu Bei fall in love for real and become a happily married couple. With the help of his genius strategist Shuge Liang, Liu escapes Zhou’s multiple follow-up attempts to kidnap him. Having lost the princess and countless soldiers to Liu, a doubly humiliated Zhou suffers a mental breakdown.