We hope our unconventional museum learning experience creates a sense of wonder for students. Leading up to the building’s opening, we are expanding our school outreach effort to showcase the museum as a resource for educators and students.

M+ Rover: Travelling Creative Studio

Since its launch in 2016, M+ Rover: Travelling Creative Studio, a school and community outreach programme, has featured an annual thematic exhibition and provided a setting that emphasises collaboration between students and creative practitioners from different disciplines to explore new possibilities. M+ Rover is like a space expedition to an unknown planet, taking students into uncharted creative territory.

Before the M+ building opens, with the mission to deliver a museum learning experience to students and teachers, M+ Rover is collaborating with artist Wong Tin Yan to develop M+ Rover 2020–2021, a programme specially designed for primary schools during the academic year 2019–2021. M+ Rover will visit local primary schools and community spaces, offering students and teachers new content and participatory learning experiences including games and exhibition tours—all free of charge. M+ is working with artist Wong Tin Yan to develop a series of free online learning activities and educational resources based on his newly commissioned work Yes but Why? Teachers are welcome to use the resources as teaching materials to deepen students’ understanding of the exhibition theme and Wong’s artistic practice.


In the previous chapters of M+ Rover, M+ collaborated with artist Tang Kwok Hin, photographer Siu Wai Hang, illustrator and comic writer Rainbow Leung, and artist Ng Ka Chun. Through role plays, photography, drawings, and the innovative use of everyday objects, the cultural practitioners engaged the public in a series of creative and learning activities.

M+ Outreach Access 2018
‘M+ Outreach Access’ is M+’s first programme particularly designed for students in special schools. Through an interactive outreach workshop and a customised guided tour, students are encouraged to discover different ways of understanding contemporary visual culture and to explore their own relationship with it.

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