Through the Mobile M+ exhibition series, we have practised current ideas in curatorial thinking while engaging with our audience in varied settings. We commissioned local artists for Mobile M+: Yau Ma Tei; we put up large-scale outdoor installations for Mobile M+: INFLATION!; we showcased our collection in Building M+: The Museum and Architecture Collection and Mobile M+: Moving Images; and we ventured into digital media with the online exhibition Mobile M+: NEONSIGNS.HK.

Continuing the spirit of Mobile M+, a new series of exhibitions and events will be held in the Arts Pavilion, the first building to open in the district in 2016, including:

Talks and Discussions:
We hope to stimulate in-depth discussion and debates surrounding key ideas in contemporary visual culture by inviting artists, authors, experts, and scholars to share their practice and research.

Workshops and Special Programmes:
For each exhibition, we collaborate with creative partners across disciplines to devise programmes aimed at different audiences. Through workshops, site-specific performances, film screenings, and outdoor tours, we provide meaningful encounters and access points for the public.

Guided Tours:
We offer a range of tours in different languages to suit visitor needs and interests. Our tours are led by our passionate volunteer docents, curators, practitioners, or experts who enhance the museum experience through exhibition overviews, works and topical highlights, and journeys behind-the-scenes.

Private Views for Teachers:
M+ provides exclusive private views of our exhibitions to educators to help them prepare for their visit with students. The event may feature a curator’s tour, seminars with distinguished artists, scholars, or educators as speakers, and an introduction to our free learning resources tailor-made for teachers to use before, during, and after their exhibition visits.

We have many learning resources to share on our website, including: catalogues, activity booklets, downloadable teaching packs, online learning platforms, mobile apps, and online video and audio content.

Resources can be downloaded here.

We offer access programmes and services for visitors with different abilities, including sign language tours for the deaf and hearing impaired, and audio guides and tactile tours for people with visual impairment.

Please check with each exhibition.