Creative work requires inspiration but also a willingness to explore. By contemplating the fundamental elements of their work - the physical body, the text, the performance, the audience, their own philosophies - and continuously probing their processes and practices, artists can review what they are capable of, and push their own boundaries to create powerful and authentic work.

In July 2017, to help provide artists with a contemplative space in which to explore the essence of creation, we are launching “The Foundations of Performance”- a series of workshops and conversations designed to bring together artists from different fields to exchange experience and inspiration.

Curated by Sean Curran, Co-Artistic Director of Theatre du Pif, the series opens with an introductory workshop designed to encourage participants to reflect on the question of “what makes a performance”. From late January to early February 2018, Russell Delman, one of the first certified Feldenkrais trainers in the world, hosts a 5-day workshop to introduce The Embodied Life, a programme devised by Delman to inspire creation through body training. Also in January 2018, Tim Crouch, renowned innovator of UK drama, shares his studies and systems of practice in a 10-day intensive practical and theoretical workshop.

The series is open to playwrights, directors, actors, dancers, musicians and creative professionals working in theatre and performance in Hong Kong and Asia, who are interested in exploring new creative methodologies.

Intensive Workshop on the Feldenkrais Method for Performers
15 July 2017 (Saturday)
Instructors: Bonni Chan and Sean Curran


The Embodied Life: Awareness of Self in Everyday Life and on the Stage
16 - 20 January 2018 (Tuesday to Saturday)
Instructor: Russell Delman


The Watcher
22 January – 3 February 2018 (Monday to Saturday)
Instructor: Tim Crouch


In Conversation with Tim Crouch
27 January 2018 (Saturday)
Speaker: Tim Crouch
Moderator: Sean Curran


For more details, please stay tuned on West Kowloon website and Facebook.

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