Day 1 (14 December 2017, Thursday)


Welcome and Introduction 


Panel 1

Visions of China

Moderator: Tao Zhu

Chang Chin-Wei

High Modernists at Harvard GSD: I.M. Pei, Walter Gropius, and TAC’s Huatung/Tunghai University

Wu Kwang-Tyng

Behind Pei’s Geometric Form and SpaceA Case Study of the Osaka Expo Chinese Pavilion, 1970

Juan Du

A Tower for ‘Modern China’

Liu Linfan

Rethinking I. M. Pei, A Pictorial Vision of Space 


Panel 2

Spatial and Formal Practices II

Moderator: Shirley Surya

Barry Bergdoll

I.M. Pei’s ‘Museum of Chinese Art, Shanghai’ (1946): Modernism between East and West

Eric Mumford

I.M. Pei and Urban Design, 194860

Seng Kuan

Sculpture as Architecture and Architecture as Sculpture 



Moderator: Aric Chen

Yung Ho Chang

Nelson Chen

Huang Ming-Wei

Liu Thai Ker

Marjorie Yang 


Day 2 (15 December 2017, Friday)


Panel 3

Global Flow of Capital and Ideas

Moderator: Eunice Seng

Chang Jiat-Hwee

Prefiguring the Architecture of Asian Global Capitalism: OCBC Centre and Post-colonial Globalization

Sara Stevens

Designing Development: The Architectural Division of Webb & Knapp

Kamran Afshar Naderi

Pei’s planning for changing the downtown of Tehran

Thomas Daniell

Divine Light


Concluding Session 

Moderator: Nasrine Seraji

Lin Bing

Li Chung (Sandi) Pei

Janet Adams Strong

Calvin Tsao