Past events

  • Beyond Words

    21.12.2019 to 22.12.2019, The Room, Freespace

    Take centre stage in a communicative art experience that brings together hearing and hearing-impaired participants and encourages new perspectives on inclusivity. A participatory art experience created by local interdisciplinary artist Kingsley Ng and graduate students of the Hong Kong Baptist University

    Past event
  • Freespace Little Stage Managers

    14.12.2019 to 22.12.2019, Freespace, West Kowloon

    This interactive role-play workshop introduces children to the behind-the-scenes world of performing arts production at Freespace. Acting as mini assistant stage managers, participants explore the Freespace venue and learn fun facts about performing arts

    Past event
  • Boh Boh’s New Friends

    14.12.2019 to 15.12.2019, The Studio, Freespace

    Boh Boh's New Friends is an interactive bi-lingual performance that takes children on an intergalactic space adventure with Boh Boh the alien puppet. Dancing and singing songs in Cantonese and English, the audience accompany Boh Boh on his journey through space, and helping him make new friends

    Past event
  • What is Stage: Space as Poetry

    01.07.2019 to 27.09.2019, The Box & The Room, Freespace

    This September, renowned German stage and costume designer Anna Viebrock joins us for a public seminar and five-day artist workshop on how stage design goes beyond space. In preparation for the workshop, Edward Lam introduces Viebrock’s work with a public talk and series of professional screenings exploring the aesthetics of some of her most important opera and stage productions

    Past event
  • Work-in-progress: Every Time You Walk into Our Class

    06.08.2019 to 18.08.2019, The Room, Freespace

    This August, Edward Lam Dance Theatre presents their first work-in-progress series in which Taiwanese actor Shih Yi-hsiu and a small audience of 60 people interact to shape both content and performance. Blending workshop and presentation, Shih Yi-hsiu revisits the role of teacher, this time with the audience as his students

    Past event
  • From a True Story – Christian Rizzo

    14.06.2019 to 15.06.2019, The Box, Freespace

    Incorporating eight male dancers and two live drummers, French choreographer Christian Rizzo’s acclaimed dance work From a True Story blends folkloric gesture and contemporary movement with repetitive tribal rhythms, creating a work that strikes at the core of human experience. Hong Kong debut

    Past event
  • Choreographic Landscapes

    07.06.2019 to 12.06.2019, The Room, Freespace

    French choreographer Christian Rizzo joins us to lead a five-day professional workshop for dancers and visual artists on choreographic compositions and the relationship between movement, performance and space. The collaboration opens with a public discussion on his work and the importance of emptiness as a space for imagination

    Past event
  • Open Up Tuen Mun @ West Kowloon

    24.03.2019, Art Park, West Kowloon

    Join us and experience the transformation and vitality of Tuen Mun District! A community engagement event to present the local characteristics, art and culture of Tuen Mun from the perspective of past, present and future

    Past event
  • Hong Kong Flower Show 2019 – West Kowloon Cultural District

    15.03.2019 to 24.03.2019, Victoria Park, Hong Kong

    West Kowloon is staging a landscaped garden at this year’s Hong Kong Flower Show, taking inspiration from the Chinese hibiscus – the theme flower of this year’s event – and our upcoming venue, Freespace, in the West Kowloon Art Park. Join us at Victoria Park to explore a picture-perfect floral display

    Past event
  • Eastern Ethos Express @ West Kowloon

    17.03.2019, Art Park, West Kowloon

    Come and get a taste of the characteristics of Eastern District and West Kowloon! A community engagement event to share the precious community memory and invite general public to explore the uniqueness of the districts

    Past event
  • Kowloon City Art Festival @ West Kowloon

    23.02.2019 to 24.02.2019, Art Park, West Kowloon

    Join us to explore the vitality of Kowloon City District and West Kowloon! A community engagement event in the themes of creativity, education and sharing with a wide range of cultural and recreational activities. Learn more about the uniqueness of Kowloon City and West Kowloon

    Past event
  • Picturing Central and Western District@ West Kowloon

    25.03.2018, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    A community engagement event consists of picturing books, family and fun. Various art groups and stakeholders have paired up to present different performances, game booths and workshops

    Past event
  • IRIS: Your Escape

    03.03.2018 to 04.03.2018, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    Hong Kong’s largest health and wellness festival returns to the Nursery Park on 3 and 4 March 2018. IRIS: Your Escape features designated zones including yoga, meditation, fitness, music, health and wellness education, and more. There will also be a market place with food and drinks and different merchandise

    Past event
  • Nursery Park Tree Tour and Workshop (13.5.2017)

    13.05.2017, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    Join us for an introduction to the Nursery Park and discover the different tree species that will be planted in the future park of the West Kowloon Cultural DistrictNursery Park

    Past event
  • Little Artists Big Dreams Drawing Competition

    07.05.2017, Central Lawn and Sunset Lawn, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    On 7 May, the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF hosts the China Children’s Week 2017 – “Little Artists Big Dreams Drawing Competition” on the Central Lawn in the Nursery ParkNursery Park

    Past event
  • MELODIA – Theatrical Experience & Outreach Art Educational Programme

    08.04.2017 to 09.04.2017, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    On 8 and 9 April, Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation presents MELODIA – a Theatrical Experience & Outreach Art Educational Programme – in the West Kowloon Nursery ParkNursery Park

    Past event
  • Experience Wan Chai @ West Kowloon

    19.03.2017, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    Presented in collaboration with West Kowloon and Wan Chai District Council, and organised by the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation, “Experience Wan Chai @ West Kowloon” is the finale event of the pilot “Crossover Lab Initiative” projectNursery Park

    Past event
  • Crossover Lab Initiative

    15.01.2017 to 19.03.2017, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    Between January and March 2017, to promote the distinct cultural characteristics and iconic attractions of Hong Kong’s local districts to a wider audience, West Kowloon is hosting a series of pilot “Crossover Lab Initiative” events in collaborationNursery Park

    Past event
  • Kwai Tsing Daily @ West Kowloon

    26.02.2017, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    Kwai Tsing is known for its factory buildings, estates, container terminals, interwining highways and bridge roads. But what are the human stories behind its urban landscapeNursery Park

    Past event
  • WE Dance Finale

    12.02.2017, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    Join us in the Big Circle as we wrap up our monthly WE Dance programme with a thrilling four-hour Finale party featuring non-stop showcases by local dance troupes, an interactive dance workshop, a dance hall for those who have got the moves to shine on stage and an open dance floor that you’re invited to joinNursery Park

    Past event
  • WE Dance (2016-17)

    11.09.2016 to 12.02.2017, Nursery Park, West Kowloon

    Every month from September 2016 to February 2017 WE Dance takes place at Freespace Happening, bringing exciting participatory dance experiences. Join us there for an afternoon of dance and movement – and enjoy the fresh smell of grass and the beautiful harbour front skyline at the same timeNursery Park

    Past event