In January 2018, West Kowloon teams with internationally acclaimed French independent artist Xavier Le Roy to present Dance in Alternative Space, the first dance and movement programme in our Creation For Freespace series. Working with guest dance artist Scarlet Yu, Le Roy will lead two professional workshops exploring different aspects of dance work, contemporary performance and live action in public spaces, using two of his live-action exhibition works as examples – Workshop 1: Based on Temporary Title, 2015 and Workshop 2: Based on Retrospective – and addressing the following questions: In Public: How Do Situations Choreograph Artworks? How Do Artworks Choreograph Situations?  Both workshops are open to dance and theatre professionals and artists from other fields.

The programme also includes a free Public Forum where Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu share thoughts on current issues related to contemporary movement in Asia. Details

About the artists

Xavier Le Roy is an independent artist. His works produce situations that question the relationships between spectators, visitors and performers, and attempt to reconfigure the dichotomies that exist between notions of object and subject, public and private, and animal and human. See full bio

Born in Hong Kong, Scarlet Yu is an independent dance artist and choreographer currently based in Europe. Her works create choreographed one-on-one situations based on autobiographical material and memory, and the notion of the body as archive. Since 2014, Yu has collaborated with Xavier Le Roy on a number of projects. See full bio

About the workshops

In Public: How Do Situations Choreograph Artworks? How Do Artworks Choreograph Situations?

As a place for experiencing art in public, the theatre organises time and space to allow certain kinds of exchanges. Other public spaces, such as exhibition halls, galleries, concert halls, libraries, shopping malls, parks or even street corners produce other kinds of exchanges. When artists create works for public spaces, the conditions and conventions of the space play a major part in shaping and choreographing the work. While the context may affect the work more than expected or desired, its specificities can also be useful for the eventual artistic transformation. 

The workshops in this programme invite participants to reflect on how works are shaped for public performance. Through collaboration, discussion, performance and contemplation, participants will explore the questions “How Do Situations Choreograph Artworks? How Do Artworks Choreograph Situations?”, and share thoughts on how situations can become tools for creating works with performative elements.

As the basis for exchange, each workshop will use, analyse and re-enact elements of existing live-action exhibition works. Participants will be encouraged to explore differing modes of performance and ways of addressing the public, as well as conditions for the reception of performances.

Participants will learn and interpret movements, words and actions, and be involved in the development of situations where each member of the group alternately performs and acts as spectator or visitor for the performance of others.

Workshop Date Time  
Workshop 1:
Based on Temporary Title, 2015
22 to 26 January 2018 10:00am–1:00pm,
27 January 2018 10:00am–1:00pm
Workshop 2: 
Based on 
29 January to 3 February 2018 10:00am–1:00pm,

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