Entrepreneurship traditionally describes the creation of new business ventures as an observable phenomenon. Today, entrepreneurship has become a synonym for progressive thought and refers generally to the process of creating something new (with value) and assuming the risks and rewards.

The 2013 Cultural Leadership Summit will focus on the theme Arts Entrepreneurship - What it Takes and How it Works, inviting international, regional and local cultural leaders to come together and examine how the concept of entrepreneurship can be applied in the formation and operation of successful commercial arts enterprises, as well as in the substainable development of not-for-profit arts organisations through developing new audiences, new format of productions, new modes of operation and new sources of income. Special attention will also be given to the current development of arts entrepreneurship in Chinese-speaking territories.  This theme is especially relevant to arts organisations as the learning of entrepreneurship will better equip them to thrive and to face the increased competition over scarce resources in the coming years. 

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