The West Kowloon Cultural District will establish a new vibrant cultural quarter located on a dramatic harbour-front site in the heart of Hong Kong


Tea House Theatre Experience

Presented by our Tea House Rising Stars Troupe, this 90-minute narrated performance is specially designed to introduce new audiences to Chinese traditional theatre
1.4-30.5.2021|Tea House, Xiqu Centre

Palace Museum Culture Lecture Series: The Birth of Masterpieces of Calligraphy and Painting: A Case Study of Mi Fu’s "On Szechwan Silk"

Focusing on the calligraphy piece On Szechwan Silk by Mi Fu, one of the four masters of the Northern Song dynasty, this lecture led by Mr HO Chuan-Hsing, Former Deputy Director, Palace Museum, Taipei, examines the key factors in the birth of a masterpiece

Music After Work @ Xiqu Centre

Relax after work and enjoy live music performances every Thursday at the Xiqu Centre’s front entrance. Programmes vary every week and showcase light jazz, world music, original songs and more. Free admission
15-29.4.2021|Xiqu Centre entrance

I Go to West Kowloon__

A series of online workshops which encourage people from different districts using different materials to create their own handicraft in lifestyle theme, so as to discover the cultural characteristics of their communities and drive them to imagine a visit in West Kowloon

Intergenerational Xiqu Journey

The two half-day experience invites seniors aged 60 or above and their younger generations to participate in a series of Cantonese opera activities together, exchanging views, culture, and memories between two generations
15.5-19.6.2021|Xiqu Centre

Arts Impact Fellowship 2021

The scheme supports pioneering initiatives that inspire change, community engagement and audience building. Proposals that show innovative potential for social impact and positive change for Hong Kong’s performing arts ecology may be selected for further co-development

Xiqu Centre Guided Tours

Supplemented with multimedia elements, our 60-minute guided tours help you explore the Xiqu Centre facilities and discover fascinating facts about the design of our venue and the culture and stories behind the ancient art of Chinese opera
14.4-19.5.2021|Xiqu Centre

Support Us

Your unwavering support and encouragement plays a vital role in allowing West Kowloon to make art and culture accessible to everyone

Expression of Interest

West Kowloon Cultural District Authority is inviting interested tenants/operators to submit an Expression of Interest for Xiqu Centre, M+, Hong Kong Palace Museum, Arts Pavilion and Nursery Park, to operate commercial facilities in these venues

M+ Shop

In collaboration with Shirley Tse, the M+ shop has developed a series of products in response to her solo exhibition Shirley Tse: Stakes and Holders and to evoke her sculptural ideas