Rolex Presents: William Forsythe’s Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time No.2 (Asian Premiere)

The Asian premiere of William Forsythe’s interactive installation is a hypnotic labyrinth with which audience can create their own dance. Previously exhibited at Tate Modern & The Venice Biennale
4-19.7.2021|The Box, Freespace

Choreographer and Composer Lab 2021: Works-in-Development Showcase

The works-in-development showcase brings professional choreographers and composers together to explore new approaches to composition in music and dance
26-27.6.2021|The Room, Freespace


Join us in an interactive workshop designed for children and learn the technical basics of the theatre, including lighting, sound effects and set and props, and support a technical rehearsal as a member of a real crew team

Giant Steps 2.0 – Jazz Rhythms for Kids

In this 90-minute workshop, young participants work with local musicians to learn about simple jazz rhythms and improvisation through rhythm clapping, movement games and dance, and join an impromptu jamming session with tap dancers and the band
9-18.7.2021|The Room, Freespace

Freespace Mural

The mural by Calvin Ho transformed the exterior wall of Freespace into West Kowloon’s popular hangout spot. The mural-inspired instant messaging sticker pack is available to download

Arts Impact Fellowship 2021

The scheme supports pioneering initiatives that inspire change, community engagement and audience building. Proposals that show innovative potential for social impact and positive change for Hong Kong’s performing arts ecology may be selected for further co-development

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The 1-on-1 Chat Room

A three-part video series with each episode featuring two performing artists from different disciplines, as they explore the nature and challenges of performing arts through candid conversations and improvised performances